Matthew R. Clark


An experienced Systems QA Engineer with 10+ years Robotics, 6+ fortune 50 & fast-paced environments. Driven by the bleeding edge of the latest technologies and by a thirst for knowledge, awaiting challenging new opportunities in the robotics space. Proven track record of driving software quality to the highest levels across a broad range of technologies. Passionate for working hands-on with both hardware and software, helping to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


Private Consulting

Principal Engineer

Greater Boston, MA – 10/2021 to Present

Advised clients on hardware / software needs for business operations. Implemented custom server rack builds.

Develop and execute test plans for features under development. Manipulate databases and APIs to trigger specific behaviors.

Validate whole stack creation and shutdown, custom scripts to manage Azure based platform stacks.

Developed various test environment and quality of life improvements.

Amazon Robotics,, Inc.

Sr. Software QA Engineer

North Reading, MA – 04/2020 to 10/2021

SME and Lead QA Engineer for Android based application responsible for managing all aspects of a large robotic fleet.

Supported various components of the fulfillment platform. Coordinated with development to validate new features, write test plans to ensure adequate coverage, and to build / execute both functional and regression tests.

Supported the prototyping and development of experimental workcells.

Preformed in-depth troubleshooting of both software and hardware systems.

Sr. Software QA Engineer

Seattle, WA – 04/2018 to 04/2020

Lead QA Engineer for RoboSort development team. Qualified a workcell now responsible for sorting most items inbound to Amazon fulfillment centers. Joined a team with 6 workcells deployed in beta, left the team with 300+ workcells deployed to production across US/EU/JP.

Workcell SME – frequently provided advanced troubleshooting support to both engineering and customers.

Coordinated with development to validate new workcell features and build an automation framework.

Developed an extensive set of manual, integration, and regression test cases.

Traveled both domestically and internationally, supporting customers with site deployments.

Frequently facilitated tours and demonstrations across various warehouses and advanced robotic workcells.

Software QA Engineer

North Reading, MA – 03/2017 to 04/2018

Developed a 24h/7d smoke-test environment for quickly detecting bugs in an always changing CI/CD environment.

Created a web interface for scripting API calls to various micro-services, still deployed assisting engineers today.

Discovered multiple exploits of physical hardware by using malicious barcodes., Inc., Commerce Cloud

Software Engineer in Test

Burlington, MA – 03/2015 to 03/2017

Deployed a custom metrics storage solution fronting 10M+ data points per minute using AWS.

Deployed CheckMK across a fleet of 1k+ Linux nodes, configured host health monitors with alarms for abnormalities.

Developed test wrapper and framework to validate changes in web-tier components.


Johnson and Wales University

Providence, RI

Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering

09/2011 to 02/2015

Associate of Science Robotics Engineering

09/2011 to 02/2014



– Java, Javascript, Python, C/C++ (Embedded), PHP, (My)SQL, MATLAB


– Terminal [bash, ssh, scp, ps, find, vi, grep, dd], LibVirt/QEMU, Docker, Apache


– Fanuc, UR, Opex, Dematic, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Kiva, Various custom solutions


– Arduino, ESP32, RaspberryPi, Pine64, FPGA, RTOS, RTC, GPS, EMU, PLC

Wire Protocols

– TCP/UDP (VLAN), RS232/RS485, SPI, I2C, CAN, OBDII, ModBus, EtherNet/IP

RF Technology

– Licensed HAM Operator (G/KC1RNQ), SDR, HackRF, Antenna Theory, Filters, Amps


Servers & VMs

– Multiple servers and racks deployed physically across New England.
– Numerous virtual machines providing various web services and applications.

– A free web-base generator for barcodes of many types. Serves over 500k requests daily, worldwide.
– Documentation and REST API for automated barcode creation, ability to self host / embed.

Home Automation

– Custom Home Automation Suite
– Configurable dashboards, script engine, alarms, and more.


– Student Pilot Certificate
– 24h+ in Rotorcraft operations
– 8h+ in Fixed-Wing operations
– Aviation Medical Certificate, 3rd Class

Everything Else

– Radio Control Fleet ~ Cars / Planes / Quads
– 100-Watt CNC Laser Cutter & 3D Printing
– Homesteading with Quail