An ESP Based remote control for my whole home audio system.

Having been tinkering with some Arylic whole home audio boards and their API, I decided to cobble together a battery-powered board for running some quick commands on the system.

Using parts laying around I soldered up a beautiful button board for an ESP32. With no libraries built for the API, I quickly wrote the ArylicHTTP library to interfacing an ESP32 with the Arylic HTTP API. With the previously mentioned library I then began to build a small firmware package for the ESP32 which should grab button presses and interact with the API accordingly.

The Arylic32 Firmware is available on GitHub!

The Arylic32 firmware package is available to anyone who wishes to build their own remote.

With 5 buttons and a rotary jog-wheel, the device offers a total of 7 user customizable actions.

The default actions below are the ones currently used in my home, however they are subject to change.

  • N: Play Preset #1
  • S: Ungroup Device
  • E: Next track
  • W: Previous track
  • C: Pause
  • JogUp: Vol++
  • JogDn: Vol–

Depending on device configuration the ESP can choose to remain in an always-on mode where permanent power is available, or it can be more optimized for battery use. When on battery, the device will spend most of its time in deep sleep, waking up at the press of any button. After a short time connecting to WiFi, the device will be ready to serve before going back to sleep.

Some spare parts, an ESP32, and LiPos I had laying around, and now I’ve got myself v1 of an Arylic remote!