ArylicHTTP - An ESP32 Library for Arylic audio devices.

Now available on GitHub, ArylicHTTP takes just a few lines to start making calls into yours system.

Inspired by a post on the community forums, I began my own venture with an ESP32 to control my new Arylic whole home audio system, and ended up with this library. This is just the first step in a larger project to come.

The first pass has an ESP32 establishing a group of 2 devices, setting their volumes, and playing a preset; all at the press of a button. An example can be found in the library.

// Setup API
ArylicHTTP* apiM = new ArylicHTTP(ARYLIC_M);
ArylicHTTP* apiS = new ArylicHTTP(ARYLIC_S);

// Ungroup
// Join Slave to Master

// Set volumes

// Play preset 1

It’s a simple library, but hopefully it can help others build some cool projects!