IoT and Embedded Devices

Low cost and highly capable, the ESP32 is my processor of choice for many projects.

Me! - Now available on the HAM bands!
Saturating some USB ports? Time to add more USB ports!
As I continue to piece together a demo kit for my TouchHome Automation platform, I found the _Shelly_ hardware suite; small connected relay modules which can be installed behind existing light switches. Being incredibly cheap and easy to integrate with – I went to Home Depot […]
A general purpose safety switch built on the ESP32.
A custom PCB designed around the ESP32, acting as a WiFi remote from home automation.
BLE ESP Provisioning made easy!
Touchscreen dashboards to control various aspects of my smart home.
Using an ESP32 to build controllable outlet for my evolving smart home.
An ESP Based remote control for my whole home audio system.
ArylicHTTP - An ESP32 Library for Arylic audio devices.
Building a whole home audio system with Arylic and some scripts.
Measuring the actual power consumption of your devices can be important, especially for computers which run 24/7. Having a panel-mount power meter which I had never gotten around to installing in an old rack, I finally decided to just make my own.
Helping people solve their programming questions, one stack-trace at a time.
Using software radio to decode and visualize location data from aircraft.
A simple web based visualizer for network latency.
A free barcode generation web tool and API behind a REST API.
A fully customizable LED matrix with a web editor and REST interface.
Live stream and database of my birds!
A collection of Java Maven modules providing commonly used functions.
Various servers across New-England serving public websites and apps.
Upgrades to the quail cages, including large food hoppers and a heated water reservoir.
These tiny birds can be hatched and kept in a small space with fresh and delicious eggs daily!
An Open Source environment monitor based on a low-power / low-cost ESP32.
Sending a second laser down the beam-path.
Oh the things you can find on eBay. Now selling things on Etsy!
Building a simple radiation health monitor for the profession most exposed and least aware.
Helping to harvest honey from my brother's bees.